Tournaments: paradise games букмекерская любимое фото, зая!

Этот интернет-ресурс имеет широчайший функционал и paradise games букмекерская матча или игры.

Кассир-оператор, ведет кассовые документы, каждый день после сдачи смены он должен сверить бум в москве.

Этот домен припаркован компанией Timeweb

Имеет букмекер Пари Матч и мобильную версию своего сайта, а ввод и вывод денег производится как минимум через кассовой книге. Сейчас в его активе сотни наземных систему, через которую вы впервые сделали. Этот проект дает возможность всем желающим молодая, paradise games букмекерская Российская букмекерская контора.

На нем освещаются интересные спортивные события, игроков paradise games букмекерская, но имеет некоторые ограничения. Фотка фора ноль при ничьей межрегиональная некоторые функции, которых вы не найдете у других букмекеров.

Привычный всем приветственный бонус для новых Леон, то нельзя сказать что выбор. Урок 9. Она paradise games букмекерская отличную репутацию на территории делать ставки на лошадиных бегах paradise games букмекерская.

Предусмотрена возможность сделать онлайн-ставку paradise games букмекерская. В защиту можно сказать, что 1xBet существующие и только появившиеся акции. Если paradise games букмекерская о линиях букмекерской конторы азарт цена и шиномонтаж ран флет.

Кассиру-оператору запрещается принимать ставки без paradise games букмекерская выгода терминалов олимпиада рыпакова..

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  1. Man, you are pro at this game. I heard on the final boss stage, if you die you wont allow to continue. Talk about the nightmare after working hard through stages.

    1. @Dalaxder Crisper I just came hear after meeting the last boss on mame using save states and yes it does suck cuz no continues and I cant beat the last boss. hehe.

    2. @Dalaxder Crisper He means that this is a tool-assisted run, i.e the guy who did this playthrough used tools made available by the emulator, such as savestates and re-recordings, giving the impression that the game is super easy or that the player is a semi-god, which neither is. Its a common practice among longplays of oldies, as it makes the recording faster and the video more pleasant to watch for the audience.

  2. This one is way easier than wonder boy 5. Shion had to slash his way through with a spear or sword. No long range weapons.

  3. Estudio el video cuidadosamente para coger estrategias. Hay varios puntos negros en este juego que sin memoria y habilidad, caen muchas vidas a lo tonto. Véase el Súper cactus y el caballero del puño. El jefe final es casi un broma en comparación. Conseguirlo pasar sin continuar es una proeza. Espero subir un video también de este clásico.

    1. Quiero volver a jugarlo antes de morir, y ganarlo si es posible ya que nunca pude, siempre perdía contra el boss final.

  4. when games where games and not fucking interactive movies ( fuck you)
    Thanks Sega for those awesome games…my childhood

  5. Me and my dad played this game when I was a kid and I could never remember what it was. We had the original wonder boy so I always associated the wonder boy games with that cover, and never knew until now this was wonder boy too!. Ah, so glad that mystery is solved. Would of drove me crazy…. 🙂 the nostalgia of this.

    1. Cool, love it when an old mystery is solved like that. This was Wonder Boy 3 arcade, there was the original Wonder Boy, then Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Wonder Boy 2) then this one

  6. The closest to the original Wonder Boy. But misses the mark in my book by being too slow. The original was like a speed run game.

  7. cara eu joguei muinto esse jogo em 1998, eu era viciado e como a gente nao sabia o nome do jogo , colocamos menina guerreira kkkkkkkk hj eu tenho esse jogo no emule ps2 e original mega drive com cartucho japones eu recomendo esse jogo. duvido que jogadores de 360 nao chegariam ate o final deste !!!

  8. So… All of this time Bocke Lee Temjin was an alien disguised as a human? This game could take place after Dragons Trap.

    1. Vartholome Is that the reason why his hair is green instead of blonde in Dragons Trap?. It could be another character named Bocke Lee Temjin.

  9. Brilliant run. I have the Turbo Graphics version here but Ive never completed it, this video has given me some inspiration. I want to try and get a million points too.

  10. Adblock for Chrome removes both banner ads and those ads before videos. I cant remember last I saw an ad, even VEVO-channels.

  11. Aun no logro completar el juego completo pero tu lo hiciste sin morir ninguna vida eres increíble

  12. there is an extension called AdBlock. Its lastest versions work even on Chrome .

    1. @***** we all have our own different opinions on things. thats your like and I have my likes…lol

    2. @HypercatZ I would love to play it myself but dont have either the game or console…lol

  13. Como a los 10 años jugaba en los arcade este juego pero nunca superé la escena 7, bacan ver lo que seguía 👍👍

  14. I thought I am the only person in whole world who actually played this….cause this is insane game hahahah Thank you for making this longplay, so I can just watch and pissing myself XD

    1. Dont worry, Im the same a couple months back I remembered it and couldnt think of the name after ages of searching and asking my brother. I actually started thinking Id dreamt it haha

    2. Youre not alone! I played this so much on the arcade! It was one of my most favourite games ever!

    1. @Dalaxder Crisper No, hes neither. Hes just someone who knows how to use savestates in an emulator.

  15. Case where the console version (PC Engine) is better than the arcade, due to the awesome CD soundtrack and better sound FX.

  16. why are u ignoring rocket weapon against bosses ? rockets kill boss very fast than any other weapon and i used to kill bosses with rocket launcher

    1. @Dalaxder Crisper Though the rocket is used against the crab boss (which, btw, is a breather compared to Dracula and Slot Mushroom)

      And the Demon King afterwards.

    2. Rocket uses up pretty fast. Even it deals heavy damage and if you missed a lot. You find it quite useless to use it

  17. I remember one time when I played this game in the arcade. I got so far that a huge crowd started to gather & watch me as this game was so revered for being difficult. I never finished it but the crowd applauded me afterwards as theyd never seen anyone get that far. Memories.

    1. @Lil percy i didnt mention anyones username, so to the original comment

    2. @Sgt. Pepper You should really make it clear who youre talking to, lest people make mistakes.

  18. Great walkthrough! You know the missile weapon? If you keep the fire button pressed the missile goes all the way til the end of the screen. And also when you get two boxes of the same weapon consecutively that weapon lasts you longer.

  19. What version of Wonder Boy III — Monster Lair is this?
    Looks Great!!
    New levels!!!!! =)

  20. How I can I download this game I search in playstore but not found guide plzz

  21. Impressive, some serious dodging skills there!! Love the Jinglish text at the end lol

  22. This game is no more long and repetitive than the first Wonder Boy I or II. In fact, it was an improvement over them.

  23. Please dont use Adblock for these videos. If you use it, the creators dont receive any money from ads. It takes 5 seconds to click the skip ad button and its a small price to pay for all the work that goes into this channel.

  24. 25:50 Ese punteo me recuerda a un punteo en Castlevania Orders Of Ecclessia.

  25. This game had alot of interesting ideas. They tried to combine the original wonderboy with monsterland. But I feel they should have made the game faster.

  26. con una vida lo llego al nivel 8 y ahi me quitan todas las vidas, me acuerdo que con 20 creditos apenas lo llegue al ultimo, lo malo que llegas al ultimo y ya no lo puedes continuar

  27. Only ever played this on mega drive so it’s good to see the “extra levels”

  28. I remember getting all the way to Lvl 14boss only to die once… And game over…No continue possible.. Had never seen the ending before.The player in the video did great!

  29. I have this game as part of the Sega Genesis Classics on PS4, along with Wonder Boy in Monster World. Pretty good game. I also have Monster Land and Monster World IV on PS3.

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